What You Need To Know Before You Build Your Deck

Building A Deck In Austin, Texas, This Summer?

Building a deck in Austin, Texas, can be an exciting project. Adding another way to entertain in your outdoor space can be tricky, however, when you don’t know where to start. Decks are an easy way to add personality and comfort to your outdoor space, but it’s important to consider every aspect of your deck build before you begin the process. Planning where your deck will be located, what materials to use, and the style of the deck are important things to determine before construction can begin.

Problems like skipping permits, water infiltration, unsafe construction, and bad framing can undermine your deck’s performance before you even use it. Skipping these considerations can cause safety issues and costly expenses later on. Therefore, before you commit to building a deck in Austin, it’s essential to consider every aspect of your build and understand how to properly maintain your new deck for years to come.


Benefits Of Building A Deck

Expand Your Outdoor Possibilities

Building a deck in Austin, Texas, has numerous benefits. Although constructing a large deck may appear intimidating, it is actually one of the quickest outdoor projects to complete. Therefore, you won’t have to wait long for your deck to be finished. Refer to the list below to see how decks can enhance your outdoor area.

Customizable Design

You have complete control over customizing your deck to meet your preferences. You can choose the design you want, whether it’s a shaded area, a wraparound deck, a seating space, or anything else you desire. Decks can be constructed to suit your specific requirements, whether you want a basic outdoor transition area or a large multi-story space. This enables you to add a great addition to your home without relying on prefabricated plans or finishes.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a yard for hosting guests can be tedious. Opting for a ready-made entertainment area, such as a deck, allows you to set it up whenever unexpected guests arrive. While it is recommended to stain and protect your deck every 2-3 years, it is less frequent than lawn maintenance tasks like mowing and watering. With a deck, your outdoor space will always be ready to host friends and family.

Increased Home Value

Building a deck on your property can increase your home’s value. It can be a relatively fast, easy, and cost-effective way to add the extra square footage of usable space onto your home without the hassle of building an addition or costly renovations. Investing in a deck not only allows you to expand your living space but gives you a greater return on investment in your home’s value.

Things To Consider Before Building A Deck

Top Considerations Before You Begin

Looking to build a deck? Before you start, make sure you consider all the important factors. A deck can enhance your home’s curb appeal, provide a customizable outdoor living space, and be low maintenance with staining options available. But before you dive in, there are a few important things to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind before starting your deck build:


How you plan on using your deck will affect the way you decide to build it. Determining what activities you plan to use your deck for can eliminate any confusion when planning. Factors such as activities, shade amount, seating, entertainment, and privacy are all important things to consider during your initial planning phase, so you can create a solution that suits all of your needs.

Location And Size

Size and location are important considerations in building a deck as well. You will want a deck that accommodates your needs without overtaking your outdoor space. Sunlight, proximity to your home, and entryway are also important size and location factors. Ensuring you have proper access and room for your deck are some of the most important considerations before you begin your build.


There are many material options you can choose from when building a deck. The most popular choices are wood, composite, and PVC. Wood has a classic look but requires regular maintenance and can warp, crack, or splinter over time. Composite decking is a popular low-maintenance option for wood made from wood fibers and plastic, resulting in a durable material. Cost, maintenance level, and deck appearance are all important considerations in finding the proper material for your project.


A good contractor can make or break your deck build. References from family and friends, online reviews, and research can help you find the best contractor for your deck job. Contractors that readily answer your questions and are familiar with local building requirements will be able to complete your job correctly the first time. Working with a quality contractor, such as Roosa Fence and Deck, will ensure a successful deck build from start to finish.


The safety of your deck should be a top priority, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Guardrail regulations should be observed to ensure the maximum amount of safety for your children and pets. In addition, seismic safety is another consideration for your deck build, as it’s important to have a sturdy enough deck to withstand any seismic activity or instability. Having a stable deck with safe guardrails is important to the safety of everyone in your home.

Permits And Approvals

If you hire a reputable contractor, building permits will not be a concern. However, following the law and building code for building a deck will ensure that your project will go smoothly without any delays or stoppages. Any skips in permits for your deck project can result in costly consequences down the line. To avoid these headaches, ensure your deck addition project is approved and has the necessary permits to begin building.

How To Maintain Your Deck

Tips On Easy Deck Maintenance

After building a deck, you may be wondering about the best way to maintain it. You want your new deck to last you for many seasons. Constant exposure to elements, sunshine, and weather can damage or discolor your deck, regardless of materials. Regular deck maintenance is crucial to save money and ensure the beauty of your outdoor space, regardless of the season. Read below for our tips on maintaining your deck:

Routine Cleaning

Cleaning your deck can maintain your deck’s natural finish. Weekly sweeping of loose dirt, debris, and leaves can prevent your deck from looking dull. When left to sit too long, natural elements can cause discoloration, mold, and wood rot. In addition, cleaning your deck annually with a wood deck cleaner can remove dirt, mold, algae, and oxidation from causing your deck more damage.

Perform Repairs As Needed

Inspecting your clean deck for areas that need repair is important to stop minor issues from becoming more significant. Loose, splintered, or rotten boards in your deck must be replaced before they become unstable or lead to further damage. As lumber ages, the natural movement of screws and nails can also occur. Replacing old or rusty nails can prevent discoloration and damage. Finally, checking the railings and flashing of your deck is also important to maintain functionality.

Protect With A Sealant

Most composite decks don’t require a sealant or staining, but if you need to seal your wooden deck, there are specific maintenance steps you can’t miss. Cleaning the deck and allowing it to dry thoroughly before sanding it will remove all impurities, splinters, and irregularities. Sealing your deck will prevent cracking, splitting, and warping and allows your deck to remain waterproof. Sealants should be applied every two years for maximum functionality.

Avoid Pressure Washing

Ensuring your deck’s wood remains strong is a huge part of deck maintenance. Although some people prefer to power-wash a deck, high pressure can soften the wood and leave it vulnerable to damage. A garden hose can be sufficient to ensure your deck is clean. If you must use a pressure washer, the lowest setting will ensure that the wood on your deck is not damaged.

Building A Deck In Austin Texas

How Roosa Fence And Deck Can Help

When it comes to adding value to your home in Austin, Texas, building a deck can provide great benefits, including low maintenance and increased home value. However, to ensure the safety and longevity of your investment, it is crucial to factor in aspects like size, permits, materials, and choosing a reliable contractor. In addition, with proper maintenance, you can enjoy your new deck for many seasons to come.

Roosa Fence and Deck have excelled as Austin’s premier fence and deck builder for over a decade. Our top-tier contractors utilize the finest materials that can withstand Texas weather, ensuring superb quality for your home. Our aim is to earn your trust and become your preferred deck and fence service provider in Austin. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your free consultation and an estimate as you embark on the journey to realize your dream deck. So get your free consultation and estimate, and start building a deck today!

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