Keeping Your Yard Safe For Furry Friends

Pet Friendly Fencing Materials

Play Proof Options To Keep Your Pet Safe

When selecting a pet friendly fence material to accommodate your animal, several options are available: wood, metal, and vinyl. Ultimately, which is suitable for you depends on your dog’s characteristics and behaviors.


Wood fences can work if you’re looking for a more traditional fence, but they may require more maintenance to keep up with pet damage.

If you have a pup with an irritating habit of barking at every passerby and creature, installing a wooden fence is the best. While your dog may still hear his surroundings even when hidden behind it, he won’t be able to observe any strangers—thus reducing those howling episodes.


If you’re looking for a way to control scratching and chewing in your pet, vinyl is an excellent option. It will also add privacy to the backyard so that passersby or other animals are not as visible, which can be especially beneficial if your pup tends to bark frequently! Vinyl is a great way to add privacy without sacrificing aesthetics as well.


Metal chain link fences are ideal for pet owners as they possess the strength to endure pets jumping, chewing, and scratching. Steel fencing is your best option if you have a large breed dog that loves gnawing on things! Unlike its wooden and vinyl counterparts, this resilient metal fence can withstand your pup’s strong jaws, ensuring they remain safe in their yard.


Height Matters For Pet Friendly Fencing

Keeping Leaping Pups Safe

If your pet likes to jump for joy, you will likely need a taller fence. Depending on the size of your pet, you’ll need to ensure that the fence is tall enough to prevent them from jumping over. Large dogs can jump over a fence and escape the backyard if the fence isn’t high enough. Unfortunately, some small dog breeds are also known to jump high, including Papillons, Jack Russell Terriers, Rat Terriers, and Shetland Sheepdogs. For this reason, a minimum fence height of six feet is recommended for most breeds.

Instead of simply layering more wood onto your existing fence, we suggest replacing the entire structure for a secure and attractive look if it is under six feet tall. This technique ensures both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Seeing Through Pet Friendly Fencing

You And Your Dog’s View

If your pup is prone to barrier frustration, they may bark at every individual or animal that passes by the fence. If this is the case, it might be time to invest in a more solid fencing option that prohibits visibility—so no one (or nothing) will be seen and provoke their frustrations any longer! A privacy or semi-privacy fence is ideal for providing a secure and secluded outdoor space.

On the other hand, if you and your pup want an unobstructed view, you could secure them in a fence in a spaced picket-style fence. To ensure your pets’ safety, secure them within a fence where gaps are neither too broad nor tight. If the gap is excessive, small animals may be able to escape, and larger predators could enter; if it’s too close, their vision will be blocked out, which can cause distress for them.

Fence Installation Austin Texas
In this vertical installation, a fence gate is showcased highlighting the above and beyond fencing services of Roosa Fence and Deck!

Pet Friendly Fencing With A Safe Latch

For Smart Dogs Who Can Open Gates

Lastly, the gate and latch system should be both pet-friendly and protective. A tall enough fence ensures that your furry friends can’t jump over it, while a secure yet simple to use lock is ideal so they won’t be able to open it, but you still have easy access. Self-closing hinges are a great option, as they guarantee full safety and confidence that the gates are always shut tight.

To prevent your pup from escaping, you can get a gate that opens inwardly and onto your lawn; this way, he can play freely in the yard while staying safe. If you need to have your gate swing out, install a self-closing spring on your gate, which can be routinely adjusted to ensure the gate closes securely any time someone exits. 

Gates can be the perfect place for your pet to escape, but when planned and implemented correctly, your gate can be as secure as the fence itself, allowing your dog to wander free in your backyard for hours on end!

 Choose Effective Pet Friendly Fencing

Roosa Fence and Deck For All Your Fencing Needs

Austin, TX, is a pet-loving community. As an animal parent, you want to guarantee that your furry family members feel secure and content in their environment. While fences are not foolproof, they are an excellent way to contain your pets and provide them with a safe outdoor space. Considering these factors, you can invest in a pet friendly fence that your furry friend will love. It’s always best to work with a reputable fence professional to ensure you choose the best fence for your pets’ needs. Roosa Fence and Deck specializes in many different materials and styles of fences. We can provide you with all of your fencing needs and are delighted to assist in any way we can; and would be more than happy to discuss customer needs or answer questions.

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