Fence Maintenance to Keep Your Barrier in Tip Top Shape

Everything You Need to Care for a Fence in Austin, Texas

As the temperature drops, it’s time to consider fence maintenance in Austin, Texas. Fences can take a beating during the winter, especially if you live in an area with cold weather and lots of snow. In this blog post, we will give you tips on preparing your fence system for the winter months and caring for it once the cold snap has passed.

Preparing your fence for winter is critical to ensuring its longevity and safety. Taking the necessary precautions can help protect your border from potential damage caused by harsh weather conditions. We’ve prepared a few ideas to help you ensure that your fence system survives the winter season. But first, let’s look at how winter weather can affect your fence.

Winter Weather and the Structure of Your Fence

Understand What You are Trying to Prevent

The weather shift during winter is not just a process of going from warm to cold. A chemical change in the atmosphere has real-time effects on your fencing. Considering the toll weather takes on your fence is essential if you want to prepare yourself for the casualties and minimize the fallout. The cooler temperatures, increased wind, and moisture in the air can have damaging effects. You must understand these effects to care for a fence in Austin. 

It is not just cold weather, added moisture, and wind that cause problems. It is the actual change in pressure and state. As water freezes, it expands. When it melts, the molecules condense, leaving space within the materials that comprise your fence. This process is especially relevant for Austin, Texas, considering our winter weather is inconsistent at best. Frozen water molecules can only cause a material to expand and contract so many times before it causes the fence to break and crack. 

Cracks will most likely come as a result of rust in metal fences. Even if your boundary is wood, it is likely to have metal pieces holding it together. Extra moisture in the air, as well as ice and snow buildup, may cause your fence to deteriorate quickly. This risk is especially valid for a wooden fence since the pieces that are at risk of rusting are the ones that hold it together. 

Although wood and vinyl fences are less likely to succumb to rusting, they are not out of the woods. The expansion and contraction of water molecules in these fences will come as warping. Extreme temperature changes keep the water molecules in constant flux as they continue to expand and contract inside your barrier. 

Rusting, warping, cracking, and breaking are effects of winter weather and temperature changes in Austin, Texas. However, their fate is aligned. All of these effects are bound to collapse if not promptly resolved. Please continue reading to learn how to prevent your fence from collapsing under pressure and how having a trusted fence professional can prolong its life, no matter what forms it.

Check Above, Check Below

Monitor Your Trees, Leaf Coverage, and Snowfall

Winter elements have always been at war with wood and metal fencing. Both types suffer from destabilization when moisture increases, temperatures change, and the soil shifts. To keep your fence strong, you must keep it clear of snow, ice, leaves, and other debris. Debris gathers around it and traps moisture inside, leading to accelerated warping, rusting, cracking, and disintegration. A similar problem arises from letting snow and ice accumulate. Because temperatures constantly change in Texas, water molecules are continuously freezing and melting. They will do so inside your fence if you do keep it clear. Even treated wood can warp with strain on the post and rails. 

You should also beware of overgrown trees in your fencing area during the winter. Limbs weighted down by snow and ice will likely come crashing down in the extreme wind and may take your entire fencing system with them.


Fortunately, residents of Austin, Texas, do not need to fret. Roosa Fence and Deck know how to properly care for and maintain these boundaries, especially regarding seasonal threats such as snow and debris. With the right team of pros caring for your property’s fenceline, you can rest assured that your boundary will stay secure and beautiful!

white vinyl fence maintenance winter austin
Fence maintenance is imperative as you can see in this up-close image of a fence covered in ice.

Ensure Proper Maintenance Before The Snap

How Fence Maintenance Can Prolong its Lifespan

Before the cold snap hits, taking steps to protect your fence from inclement weather that could reduce its lifespan is crucial. Fencing experts suggest inspecting for loose fasteners and repairing cracks, cuts, or holes before winter arrives. In addition, painting your fence with a weather-resistant sealant will ensure it can withstand freezing temperatures and prevent moisture damage. It’s also essential to perform regular fence upkeep throughout the year to keep your fence looking fresh even during chilly weather. Fence maintenance in Austin can help maximize the lifespan of your fencing, preserving its beauty and integrity for many years to come.

Address Accrued Damages

Don’t Let Fence Damage Slip Through the Cracks

The winter months can be particularly damaging to your fence. Still, Roosa is here to help with all your fence maintenance Austin needs. Maintenance is essential for the longevity of your border. With our expert team, you can ensure that accrued damages are taken care of quickly and effectively. Roosa Fence and Deck’s expertise and attention to detail make us the ideal choice for restoring your fence after a long winter season. No matter the extent of the damage, fence maintenance Austin from Roosa has you covered. 

fence covered with ice austin

How to Get the Most Out of Fence Winterization

Care for Your Fence in Austin, No Matter Its Type

As we have been discussing, winter is difficult for your fence. The extreme temperature changes, moisture, and wind changes come together to inflict real damage to any unsuspecting border. Choosing not to winterize your fence before harsh weather hits can complicate life, as insignificant problems ailing your fence before the winter are exaggerated in the cold weather. On the other hand, Austin fence maintenance has the benefit of curb appeal, security, little to no fence repair or replacement costs, and protection from harsh winters. Below are our suggestions on caring for your fence in Austin, Texas, this winter– no matter what material it uses.

Wooden Fence Care in Austin

Wooden fences notoriously have the most challenging time surviving winter. Before the cold fronts come in, check them thoroughly for sagging, cracking, and loose or missing pieces. It is best to do this on a dry day when moisture has not had time to soak into the wood. The best ways to winterize your wooden fence are:

  1. Remove and replace damaged sections. 
  2. Fill minor gaps and cracks with wood putty.
  3. Scrub with a detergent-bleach solution to prevent rotting.
  4. Paint or restain wood with a weatherproofing seal.

Metal Fence Maintenance Austin, Texas

Metal fences, particularly aluminum fences, are more durable in winter weather. Still, they are vulnerable to the elements, just like other types of fence material. They are especially susceptible to wear and tear, although less immune to rust. Either way, they still need love and attention to continue standing strong. 

To winterize a metal fence, particularly one made out of aluminum, you should:

  1. Touch up areas that need attention with aluminum surface paint. 
  2. Remove rust with a brush.
  3. Use a rust protector to coat the fence’s hinges.
  4. Pro Tip: If you powder coat the fence, you can lengthen the time between upkeep tasks. 

Care Tips for Vinyl Fences

Fences made out of vinyl are a low-maintenance material. Their chances of rusting are lower than metal fences and are not as easy to warp as wooden fences. However, they have their own winter concerns. When something goes wrong, you will likely need to call in a professional to help make the necessary repairs. Still, you can prevent unnecessary repair calls by winterizing your fence with these three steps:

  1. Clean and remove dirt and debris buildup in the fence’s nooks and crannies. 
  2. Seek professional advice on securing loose parts. 
  3. Remove mold and growth that can weaken your fence’s structure with a power washer. 

Choose Effective Fence Maintenance in Austin, Texas

Roosa Fence and Deck for All Your Fencing Needs

Caring for your fence in a winter climate as inconsistent as ours can make life difficult. That is why Roosa Fence and Deck wants to ease your burden. We simplify fence maintenance in Austin, Tx, by removing all the doubt. When you choose our services, you know your fence will stay strong throughout winter and stand firm no matter what curveballs Texas winter may throw. We specialize in fences made of different materials, and for various purposes, so you know your concerns will be in good hands with us. 

Whether you are looking for fence repairs or replacement, maintenance to keep your current fence going, or have more questions about how to perform fence maintenance in Austin, call us today. We are always happy to help discuss customer needs and address any questions or concerns.

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